Durbar Bangla Font Download

Durbar Bangla Font Download from our website. Nowadays Bangla fonts are being popular with native users. People are opting to use Bangla font for Bangla writing on PC, laptop, or smart phones instead of using Roman alphabets. Bangla writing is increasing on social media platforms. There are over 1000+ Bangla fonts along with Durbar Bangla font available on the internet under the various keyboards. Durbar Bangla Font Download is an easy process that only takes few minutes.

However, all the Bangla fonts are also essential for many purposes like office work, logo making, book publishing, newspaper writing, content creation, and banner making.

About Durbar Bangla Font

Durbar font is designed by Thouhedul Islam himel. It is a popular geometric display font that has two styles. One is Italic and the other is regular style. Book publishers and designers find this font very useful for them. This font is in bolt style that’s why it expresses something strong. The font is inspired by the written language of small ethnic groups of Bangladesh, like Monipuri, Bishnupriya, Assamese, Meitei, Kokborok, and Mundari language.

Font Name : Lipishree Bangla Font
Unicode font : Yes
Font Type : Regular, OpenType Layout, TrueType Outlines
Designer: Thouhedul Islam himel
Identifier : Lipishree
Version : 1.0

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You can also write these languages with the help of Durbar font. It is a Unicode font that is applicable in Avro font. This font is popular for book cover writing, magazine writing, headline writing, T-shirt making, logo writing, etc. You will get to know about the link of Durbar Bangla Font Download here.

Durbar Bangla Font Design

How to Download Durbar Bangla Font?

Here we will provide you a step-by-step procedure on how to download Durbar Bangla Font easily and quickly:

  • First of all, you need to open your browser. Type Durbar Bangla font in your search engine, you will find this website. Then you have to click on the link here- https://bijoyconverter.com/font/,
  • Now you have to click on the “get the app now” button. You will be able to see a video tutorial on Durber Bangla Font Download. See the tutorial, and you will be able to download the Durbar font on your PC or MAC.
  • After that, open your MS Office folder>> MS word>> edit>> preference >> type.
  • Now you have to open the title box of “preference” click on the Language option box “Show indic option”.
  • At this step, hit the ‘OK’ button.
  • Now, close the window and refresh your PC. Open the MS Word again and open the Avro font. Always remember Durbar font is applicable in the Avro keyboard, not Bijoy.
  • Now that you have opened the Avro keyboard. Select the font Durbar and type Bangla in Durbar font.

Sometimes Durbar font is not working in the Bijoy keyboard; that’s why you need to install the Avro keyboard to type Durbar font.

How to install Durbar Font on your Windows, Macbook, Android

How to Install Bangla Font Windows

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Install Process for Windows Users:

  • First, download the Durbar Unicode font on your PC.
  • Then extract zip file from the desktop. You will be able to see a folder named “Durbar-Regular.ttf “
  • Open the folder name “Durbar-Regular.ttf “by clicking it.
  • Now click on the “install” button on the left side, top of the window.
  • Finally, your Durbar font has been downloaded and is ready to use.

Install Process for Android Users:

  • First, download the font from Google Play Store.
  • Now extract the zip file named “Durbar-Regular.ttf “
  • Open the folder and download it on your mobile.
  • If you are using PicsArt or PixelLab app on your mobile, then it will be easy to use this font.

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Install process for PicsArt users:

  • Open the file Manager, then Extract the zip file named “Durbar-Regular.ttf “
  • Click on the folder Durbarunicode.ttf
  • Now copy the folder and paste it on the PicsArt.
  • Finally, open the PicsArt app and download the Durbar font.

Install Process for PixelLab Users:

  • First open the folder manager on your PC/mobile, you will see a zipped folder named “Durbarunicode.ttf“
  • Click on the folder to open it and copy its content.
  • Now Search the font file on your mobile and past the content on it.
  • Finally, open the PixelLab app and install the Durbar font.

Install and Download Process for the MacBook Users:

  • First download the Durbar Font from the Apple Store.
  • Then Extract zip file named “Durbar-Regular.ttf “
  • Click to open it.
  • Now install the font on your device.

Durbar Unicode Bangla Font Download Zip

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Final Words

We have provided the detailed procedure for downloading Durbar Bangla font. If you follow these steps we have provided to download the Durbar font, hopefully, you will be successful. Now you know the process of Durbar Bangla Font Download. It is a really easy task. Hope you enjoy this article. Happy typing.