The Avro to Bijoy converter online (অভ্র থেকে বিজয় কনভার্টার) is a useful web application that transforms an unseen font into a readable one. Following the implementation of this conversion system, it is now easier to show the Bengali language in a more appealing manner in any web browser. Apart from that, the Avro to Bijoy converter is fairly straightforward

Avro to Bijoy converter

An international encoding standard for use with many languages and scripts in which each letter, digit, or symbol is given a unique numeric value that may be used across platforms and programs. This standardization helps all the programming languages and scripts to display different languages (written). Every character in Unicode is assigned a unique code point.

A code point is represented by the hexadecimal code U+hex-code>, which ranges from U+0000 to U+10FFFF. This is an example of a code point: 004F U+004F U+004F U+004F U+004F U Unicode defines several character encodings, with UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 being the most widely used.

Why Use Avro to Bijoy Converter?

You might need to convert some of your Avro writing to Bijoy because they do not appear in other apps or the fonts look like random boxes. This happens because of the Unicode collision. So what you need to do is resolve the collision. By using the Avro to Bijoy converter you can easily convert your Avro or Unicode into Bijoy for more cross-platform compatibility.

In return, it will give your application a much more robust experience. And it will also open you up to using a wide array of fonts that will add to the aesthetics of your document or application.

Avro to Bijoy Converter Online

This will help you to convert your Avro text to convert Bijoy text. Even with single click you can correct broken words. You can get help from it to develop your bangla web page or write bangla language any anywhere in webpage. Also you can write Bangla text using Avro editor box without installing any third-party software.

Avro to Bijoy Converter

How to Use Avro to Bijoy Converter?

Outside of this page, you may have some written text in Unicode or Avro format, which may be in a Microsoft Word document. Now copy and paste the Unicode text into the first box on the page. Alternatively, you can start writing Bangla on that box using the Bijoy keyboard.

Now, above, click the “Convert” button. In the second box above, your Unicode text will be transformed to Bijoy and displayed. Your Bijoy text has now been transformed and is ready to use. Copy and paste the Bijoy text from the second box wherever you desire.


Avro to Bijoy converter is one of the must-have productivity tools. It makes sure that you do not have any compatibility issues with your document or the app. Also, you are able to use more Bangla fonts without the document or the application breaking down.