Sumonbd Converter

Sumonbd Converter is a Bangla web tool. Web tools are used for web maintenance and development. Bangla web tools are generally used for a better understanding of the Bengali Language. Sumonbd converter is an example of it. This converter helps the online readers to clear confusions of Bengali words and their meanings as well. It also helps the writers. Overall, the converter plays a significant role in online platforms for everyone.

Sumonbd Converter Online

Many Bangla web tools exist today. Sumonbd Converter is one of them. So, there is a question that has already been arisen that why should people use Sumonbd converter instead of using other Bengali web tools? The answer it provides is one of the best converters in Bangladesh, and it also delivers more accurate and proper results than other Bengali web tools. Actually, you will get a lot of reasons to use this converter after you start using it.

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How to Use Sumonbd Converter?

Generally, Sumonbd Converter works almost identical to other Bengali web tools. Some websites where Bijoy Bangla font (most used font) fails to appear correctly for various issues. Sumonbd converter is so helpful for the readers, writers, journalists, editors, bloggers, etc., to understand better Bengali Language. This converter is very effective for foreigners as well. Everyone can use this converter very conveniently.

Now, we will tell you the process how to use Sumonbd converter:

  1. First, you have to open any search engine from your mobile or PC. Then type in the Google search bar.
  2. A new screen will appear before you. It is the home screen of the Sumonbd converter. You will see some instructions and two boxes one is for Unicode (“An international encoding standard for use with different languages and scripts, by which each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned a unique numeric value that applies across different platforms and programs.”- Wikipedia) to Bijoy Bangla, and other is for Bangla to Unicode.
  3. Now, the process is very simple. If you want your writing to change from Bangla to Unicode, just copy the writing and paste it to the “Unicode Bangla” box. Then tap the button “Unicode Bangla,” which is at the bottom of the box. After processing for few seconds, you will see the result.
  4. Same process is also applicable to Unicode to Bangla. Just copy the Unicode and paste it to the “Bijoy Classic Bangla” box. Then, press the “Classic Bangla Bn” button for the result. It also needs few seconds for exposure.
  5. You can then easily copy the results from the boxes and clear them also. Both options are at the bottom of the tables.

Sumonbd converter is very easy to use, and it takes less time than other converters in processing.


Sumonbd converter is owned and developed by Suman Sheikh. This converter is getting more and more popular nowadays for its better performance. People are getting more accurate results from Sumonbd converter, and it becomes one of the most important web tools.