Ittefaq Converter

Ittefaq Converter is one of the most popular web tools in Bangladesh. Generally, web tools are for web development and maintenance. There are many kinds of web tools for different fields. Bengali web tools are actually for a better understanding of the Bengali Language. Ittefaq Converter is an excellent example of it. This converter helps both the writers and readers to understand Bangla precisely and adequately. It is a branch of the Daily Ittefaq newspaper.

Why should We Use Ittefaq Converter?

As almost every Bangla web tool works the same, Ittefaq Converter is not different. Ittefaq Converter is so easy to use, and it works faster. This is one of the most famous Bangla web tools in Bangladesh for its fast processing ability. Many people asked why they should use Ittefaq Converter.

Our request is to use Ittefaq Converter for one, and you will get all your answers and clear your confusion about Ittefaq Converter. We are delighted with our users’ feedbacks. If you are having any confusion regarding this, please let us know.

ইউনিকোড টু বিজয় কনভার্টার

How to Use Ittefaq Converter?

As almost everything nowadays is conducted online, Ittefaq Converter is so helpful for bloggers, journalists, writers, readers, etc. Ittefaq Converter makes Bangla easier to understand. It also helps foreigners to understand Bangla. Actually, many websites can not publish Bijoy Bangla font clearly. That is why Bangla web tools like Ittefaq Converter are so much popular among the mass generation.

বিজয় টু ইউনিকোড কনভার্টার

Now, we will discuss the working process of the Ittefaq Converter in detail.

  1. First, you have to open Google chrome or any other search engine you use and search It will directly take you to the home page of Ittefaq Converter.
  2. On the home page of Ittefaq Converter, you will see two boxes. One is Unicode (“An international encoding standard for use with different languages and scripts, by which each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned a unique numeric value that across different platforms and programs.” – Wikipedia) to Bangla, and another is for Bangla to Unicode.
  3. You will find this converter very easy and simple to use. First, if you want to change your writings from Bangla to Unicode, you have to copy the Bijoy Bangla writing and paste it to the “Paste the text of Bijay Keyboard here” box. Then, at the bottom of the boxes, you will see three options. One is “Bijoy to Unicode.” Press this button, and you will see the result instantly.
  4. Same process is for Unicode to Bangla. Just copy the Unicode to the “Paste the text on the Unicode keyboard here,” and at the bottom of the boxes, press the “Bangla to Unicode” button. The result will appear before you. You can also clear your writings. At the bottom of the boxes, you can also find the “clear” option as well.


Ittefaq Converter is so simple to use that everybody can easily use it. Additionally this converter provides accurate results. Ittefaq Converter also saves time for people as it processes faster and accurately than other Bangla web tools.