Bangla web tools

Web tools are actually for web development and web maintenance. Many kinds of web tools exist in today’s world, and they are used in specific filed. By Bangla web tools, we actually mean such software that helps people read and write better Bangla language. For example, Bijoy is one of the most famous Bangla web tools.

How Bangla Web Tools Works

For foreign people and people who can read or write Bangla, these web tools are very effective. The voice input system currently added a new dimension. Now we will talk about the process of how these Bangla web tools work. As almost every Bangla web tools work in the same way, the process is given below:

  • First, open the tool.
  • You will generally see two boxes in the window. One is for Unicode (“An international encoding standard for use with different languages and scripts, by which each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned a unique numeric value that applies across different platforms and programs.”- Wikipedia) Bangla and the other is Bangla to Unicode.
  • There can be many other “Front Options” like Bijoy, Baishakhi, etc. If you use any specific tool, then these options won’t be there.
  • Now, this is a straightforward process. If you want to change the writing to Unicode, copy the Unicode and paste it to the “Bangla to Unicode” box. Then you will see a procced button below the box. You have to press the button and get your Unicode.
  • The exact process is for Unicode to Bangla. But there is a small thing that you have to select the font style provided on the upper side of the box and copy and paste the Unicode in the box. Thus, you will get the result.

Bangla Web Tool

Bijoy and How It Works?

Bijoy is one of the most famous Bangla web tools in Bangladesh. Even, it is the first Bangla web tools. Bijoy is also among the most used Bangla web tools. It is also the official Bangla web tools of the Ministry of Land of Bangladesh. Bijoy is also available in all other Bangla web tools and even in some international web tools.

Though Avro is easier than Bijoy to use, most people cannot use Avro. This is why actually the Bijoy converter is so popular. People who read Bangla newspapers daily are the primary users of this Bangla web tools. The process of these Bangla web tools is quite similar to others. These Bangla web tools also have two boxes – Unicode to Bijoy and Bijoy to Unicode. The process of Bijoy is given below:

These Bangla web tools are so much essential and helpful for Bengali readers. As many websites do not allow Bangla front, these Bangla web tools play an inevitable role. Many websites allow Avro, but because of less efficiency, Bijoy is hugely used among the people.


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